Moving the existing zDC 1.4 GUI reports to DCI 1.5


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CA Dynamic Capacity Intelligence


zDynaCap (zDC) 1.4.x has been successfully migrated to CA Dynamic Capacity Intelligence (DCI) 1.5 and the existing zDC MSUDB has been converted to the new DCI one.

Is there any way to move the existing zDC 1.4.x GUI reports and charts to the new DCI environment?


Ca Dynamic Capacity Intelligence 1.5 (migrated from a zDynaCap 1.4.x environment)


The reports and graphs cannot be moved but they can be recreated on the new DCI environment using the DCI MSUDB data that were previously migrated from zDC 1.4.x.
ZDCR0200 utility must be used to accomplish this task. A complete sample of this job can be found on CSVBATCH member of DCI 1.5 CFHRSAMP library. This is a three steps job, each step recreates the cvs files for a specific report interval (INTERVAL=5 or INTERVAL=15 or INTERVAL=60).

On each of the threes steps an ACTION=RESET card must be specified create the new CSV files.

Then the time interval for which the files must be recreated needs to be specified: it can be done month by month (via MONTH=nn/yyyy card) or for a specific time interval (DATEFROM/TIMEFROM and/or DATETO/TIMETO parameters).

Additional Information

See also "CSV Reporting" section of CA Dynamic Capacity Intelligence 1.5 documentation.