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Missing Virtual Request ID in VSE Session Information with DevTest v10.3 compared to v9.1


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We are observing that with version 10.3, we do not see the Virtual Request ID within the Session Information we use for debugging purposes. 


Moved from Console to Portal as of DevTest 9.5.1.

DevTest 9.1.0:

<Please see attached file for image>

DevTest 9.1.0

DevTest 10.3.0

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DevTest 10.3.0


Component: ITKOVS


You will not see the Transaction ID in the Session Data panel on the Portal.

You can only see the Transaction ID from the Inspection View on the Portal.

If you want, we have a patch to fix this so it looks like it did in 9.1.0, so open a support case and refer to DE415213.

<Please see attached file for image>

DevTest 10.3.0 Inspection View

The information is there just in a different view.


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