cdm and processes probe not working on Linux Centos 7.5 robot


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After deploying the cdm probe successfully to Linux Centos 7.51 robots, the probes are showing as up and running (green with both a PID and a port in Infrastructure Manager), but it takes a very long time for the Configure GUI to open completely and it is not possible to configure disk metrics.  Once the cdm Configure GUI appears it looks as follows:

A similar problem occurs with any other probe installed on the Linux robot (like the processes probe) that the probe's Configure GUI needs to get additional information from the probe to populate the Configure GUI.


Firewall between the managing hub and the robot was blocking access to the cdm probe on port 48008.  Error messages similar to the following can be found in the hub probe's log file at loglevel 3 after opening the Configure GUI for the cdm probe on the remote robot:

Feb 20 10:15:26:425 [1816] hub: nimSession - failed to connect session to <robot IP address>:48008, error code 10060
Feb 20 10:15:26:425 [1816] hub: TSESS-P-583-83 [<managing hub name> could not connect locally to /<domain>/<hub name>/<remote robot name>/cdm (<remote robot IP address>/48008)


UIM 8.51 - but valid for any UIM release
cdm:  6.30 - but valid for any cdm probe release as well as any local monitoring probe that needs to provide additional information to the probe's Configure GUI (like the processes probe)


Open a range of ports in the firewall between the remote hub and the robots it is managing to allow the hub direct access to the probes installed on the managed robots.

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