Apply Fixes RO92675 and RO92696 At Same Time?
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Apply Fixes RO92675 and RO92696 At Same Time?


Article ID: 12763


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Top Secret Top Secret - LDAP


CA Top Secret r15 fix RO92696 states in implementation instructions: 

1. If you are sharing the security file - you MUST first apply the toleration APAR RO92675 on all systems that participate in sharing the secfile. 

2. SMPE receive and apply this APAR RO92696 

3. LLA Refresh 


5. Restart TSS with REINIT 


We have but two lpars that share one secfile. Can both of these fixes (RO92675 and RO92696) be applied at the same time, to be implemented as part of an IPL? Or does RO92675 have to be applied first on both lpars, then apply RO92696?.


Component: TSSMVS


These PTFs (RO92675 and RO92696) should applied at the same time to the systems sharing the security file and brought in with your IPL. There is also a third PTF because RO92696 is PE'd, resolved by RO92854, so this PTF should also be applied with the other 2 PTFs.

NOTE: While an IPL is not required to implement any of the 3 PTFs, it is a viable option to implement them.