IDMS reason codes for message DC205017


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IDMS message DC205017 indicating that a dynamic allocation of a database file failed displays a Reason Code, but where are those Reason Codes defined?


DC205017 V51 T3778 Dynamic allocation error; segment.filename Reason Code 0805 
DC205017 V51 T3778 DDN=ddname 


Release: IDADSO00100-18.5-ADS-for CA-IDMS


The documented description indicates, "An attempt to allocate or deallocate the named file has failed. The first 2 bytes of the displayed reason code is the return code and second 2 bytes is the reason code returned by the IDMS module RHDCALOC.",  but does not list those reason codes.

  For example in the message

DC205017 V51 T3778 Dynamic allocation error; segment.filename Reason Code 0805

  The  08 means the Dynalloc failed.
  The second 2 digits are the RHDCALOC reason code.
  The two most common codes reported are 0807 and 0805.
  0807 means the dataset is already allocated to another Job/STC in a more restrictive mode.
  0805 means that there was no space in the TIOT to add an entry for the file being allocated.
  For 0805 sometimes IDMS is able to determine this from dataset attributes block prior to issuing the SVC99.   If SVC99 is issued and fails for this reason (No Space in TIOT) there will also be a message DB002261 in addition to DC205017 that gives the IBM reason code which would be x'0238' for SPACE UNAVAILABLE IN TIOT.

IDMS recommends allowing the IDMS CV to use XTIOT.
See Knowledge Base Article KB000049524. 

Release 1.12 of z/OS made the usage of the XTIOT optional with the introduction of the NON_VSAM_XTIOT parameter.  IDMS CV has always attempted to use XTIOT since release 15.0, so when z/OS introduced this parameter we recommended setting it to YES.

IDMS customers have only reported DC205017 with reason codes 0805 and 0807 but here is the complete list of the RHDCALOC reason codes:
+*       Reason codes                                                  
+DSARSN_OK         EQU   0         Success                             
+DSARSN_NF         EQU   1         Not found                           
+DSARSN_TRUNC      EQU   2         Attributes or DSN truncated         
+DSARSN_UNMATCHED  EQU   3         No value available for symb. parm.  
+DSARSN_NODSN      EQU   4         DSModel has no DSN attribute        
+DSARSN_SVC        EQU   5         No Space in TIOT    
+DSARSN_PREVALOC   EQU   6         DDN already in use (error or warn)
+DSARSN_USECONFLCT EQU   7         Usage conflict w another job      
+DSARSN_NODDDSN    EQU   8         No DDN or DSN specified           
+DSARSN_NOTASS     EQU   9         DSName not associated w DDName    
+DSARSN_NOTCAT     EQU   10        Dataset not cataloged             
+DSARSN_NOTNEW     EQU   11        Dataset already existed (TRY_SHR) 
+DSARSN_BADFUN     EQU   12        Invalid FUNCTION parameter        
+DSARSN_BADATR     EQU   13        Invalid ATTRS parameter           
+DSARSN_BADDDN     EQU   14        Invalid DDN parameter             
+DSARSN_BADDSN     EQU   15        Invalid DSN parameter             
+DSARSN_BADDSM     EQU   16        Invalid DSM parameter             
+DSARSN_BADKEY     EQU   17        Invalid KEY parameter             
+DSARSN_BADLEN     EQU   18        Invalid LEN parameter             
+DSARSN_BADPRM     EQU   19        Invalid PARMS parameter           
+DSARSN_SUBSUNKN   EQU   20        Substitution parm unknown         
+DSARSN_BADSUBSST  EQU   21        Invalid substring start position
+DSARSN_BADSUBSLN  EQU   22        Invalid substring length