List All of the CA Top Secret Database Data Sets
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List All of the CA Top Secret Database Data Sets


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Top Secret Top Secret - LDAP


The SHOW DDSN in CA ACF2 lists all of ACF2 database data sets. 

What is the equivalent CA Top Secret command to list all of the CA Top Secret database datasets?


Release: TOPSEC00200-15-Top Secret-Security


Currently CA Top Secret does not have an equivalent of the ACF2 SHOW DDSN command. To find the CA Top Secret datasets, look at the following DD statements in the startup proc that starts CA Top Secret. If the DD statement is not there, that file is not in use. 


DD name    Description 


SECFILE – primary security file (BDAM) 

BACKUP - backup security file (BDAM) 

RECFILE – recovery file 

AUDIT – first audit file 

AUDIT2 – second audit file 

RCACHE - RCACHE VSAM Cluster (Optional) – used for R_cacheserv hardening for USS 

CPFFILE – CPF recovery file 

VSAMFILE – primary security file (VSAM) 

VSAMAIX – VSAM AIX file (if sharing security file) 

VSMPATH - VSAM PATH file (if sharing security file) 

VSAMBKUP - backup security file (VSAM) 

SECMIRR – mirrored primary security file BDAM (if using this feature) 

VSAMIRR - mirrored backup security file BDAM (if using this feature) 

PARMFILE – TSS parameter file 

AUTOCMDS – TSS auto commands file (used first time TSS starts at IPL time to start other applications)