Maileater does not handle ampersand (&) in ITSM 17.1


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The inbound email does not handle an ampersand ("&") in the Group name field on ITSM 17.1. (New mail process mail_nxd).

It does handled it on ITSM 17.0 and below (pdm_mail_nxd).


1) Use an inbound email to ITSM 17.1 with an ampersand in the Group name such as this:

%GROUP=IT.Arts & Craft

2) The mail gets eaten, and an Incident gets created. But the Group in the Incident is missing.

3) The logs show errors. This is from our test system on ITSM 17.1:

02/19 13:17:40.70 MY_SERVER spelsrvr 3552 ERROR text_api.spl 2378 fetch_dob_list last_name (This group has an & before and) in factory (grp) not found

The email bounces back with a message like this:

AHD58007:Problem Occurred trying to set GROUP=IT.Arts & Craft. See log for info.

ITSM 17.0 and SDM 12.9 handle this scenario


ITSM 17.1


7th March 2019. This is being reviewed by CA Engineering as a potential Defect.

An update will be provided to this Knowledge Document when available.