UMP/USM performance - Checklist of factors that need to be considered that affect 'Loading...' and/or display of metrics within a reasonable time frame


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The following knowledge base article provides a summarized checklist of factors that need to be considered when analyzing UMP performance/response time - Factors that affect 'Loading...' and/or display of metrics within a reasonable time frame. This information can help customers and support collect and analyze more complete data to be used in optimizing UMP/USM performance. Customers should work closely with their DBA regarding most of the factors listed below.

How can we analyze/minimize UMP/USM response time?


- UIM 8.5.1 or higher


- Identify where in the UMP interface/USM portlet is it 'slow', e.g., Loading... phase? or for specific views, specific probe metrics? PRD/List reports? How many seconds?
- Consistent OR intermittent slowness?
- UIM/UMP/DB hardware requirements followed?
- Type of storage, Tier 1?
- SSD drives?
- RAID 10 configuration?
- Database type (Enterprise versus Standard), Enterprise is recommended.
- UIM Service Pack applied?
- UMP/USM hotfixes applied?
- Database Partitioning enabled (database and data_engine) - Enterprise ONLY.
- Fragmentation of key tables (CM_*, S_QOS_*, NAS_*) - daily job should be run to defrag specific tables.
- Any SQL Server memory pressure on the database over time?
- What is the total database size?
- How many large tables? Large tables (> 100 million rows)
- data_engine data retention settings being adhered to?
- USM queries: USM debug can be enabled to uncover any/all slow queries which may require some additional indexes to be created
- Check resource utilization over time on the database server and UMP machine, CPU, Memory , Disk I/O, network speed/available bandwidth, proxy?, memory dedicated to SQL Server?, AV blocking/scanning? Database on the same subnet as the Primary hub?
- wasp Java heap memory utilization versus what is configured
- Monitoring governance considerations: too much non-critical/unnecessary data being collected? monitoring/polling intervals too low (frequent) for some QOS? - This can be overridden for specific QOS in the data_engine.
- Test using different browsers after deleting the cache