Update transactions in the WIP in bulk


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Is there a way to update multiple transactions in the Work-In Progress (WIP) in bulk for Clarity?


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Component: Clarity Financial Management


Unfortunately, there is no bulk update possible. Changes to WIP would have to be done manually using a WIP Adjustment.

Depending on what adjustments are needed, another way, though still manual is to create WIP Transfers.

For instance, if you wanted to calculate new rates, change the cost type, or move to another project or task.

In order to do a transfer you will have to filter down to the specific level you need to transfer to.  

If you wanted to just do Calculate New Rates, you could just filter on the Resource for the dates in question and transfer back to that resource and click the Calculate New Rates box.

If you want to move to a new task, you would have to filter down to the task level.



Additional Information

See WIP Reversal vs WIP Transfer