Java VM Memory Allocation
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Java VM Memory Allocation


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CA API Gateway


In the API Gateway software, the following is described in the document:


Java VM Memory Allocation: Enter the amount of memory to allocate to the Java Virtual Machine or press [Enter] to keep the existing setting. You must allocate at least 256MB RAM.


However, it seems that value(256MB) is small.


What is the value which it is suitable for?


All supported versions of the API Gateway


Support does not have any recommendation on a particular value to set for the Java VM. This value is dependent on a customer's unique environment resources. However, half of the computer's RAM is assigned to the Java VM in the gateway appliance by default.

It may become a standard.

Also, required memory is 4GB(8 GB or above recommended) for software gateways so the allotment (Java VM ) should be 2 GB or above recommended.