CA Telone/PWS Server error


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CA Telon Application Generator


New Telon PWS Install.

Getting error: "Cannot obtain security information for process TDF, rc=-3"  while accessing Telon Design Facility (TDF). 


Component: TELON


A TDF user needs to be able to modify the TDF database as a minimum. Also only the first 7 characters of a user ID are used by Telon. Settings need to be updated to allow the users to MODIFY and WRITE. 

Examples of permissions by groups could be as follows; 
Users Read & execute 
Everyone Read & execute 
SYSTEM can do everything 
Administrators can do everything 

Additional Information

When user tried the CA Telon with “run as admin”, it worked
Client's ID did not have CREATE authorization. When the client got CREATE authorization,he was able to log in under his ID that did not have ADMIN rights. 

The message in question comes from the Telon server, not the operating system 
so there is no reason to suspect a machine permissions problem. The problem 
more likely comes from their security setup for Telon/PWS desktop itself. 
To debug this error, ask what steps did they take to install and set up Telon on the machines where 
it works vs. the ones where it does not? 
a. Have they initialized a TDF database? 
b. Have they set up security for the Telon and/or Utility menus 
(accomplished inside the TDF itself)? 
c. Are they trying to access the product from the command line or via the 
The TDF desktop processing is failing to find the PCB that it needs to 
perform any database functions, such as bringing up the TDF, import, export, 
transport, database initialization, etc. 

The first time the TDF database 
is accessed is *not* when a user attempts to bring up the TDF; the desktop 
accesses the database to check for desktop permissions (access to Telon and 
Utilities menus).