IM Policy Xpress - Using "REST Base Query"
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IM Policy Xpress - Using "REST Base Query"


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How do you pass data to the REST API service using CA Identity Management (IM) Policy Xpress?  The Product Documentation provides some details on pass parameters into a Policy Express REST Base Query.  This document provides some examples of using Policy Express.



CA Identity Management 14.x
CA Identity Suite 14.x


Example 1:

In this example data ("userId=<id>&title=<title>&body=<body>") is passed to the REST API service

You need to specify the data in the Request Body, in JSON format.
You can run the test from a Data Element with the following settings:

    Category:Data Sources

    Type: REST Base Query

    Function: Basic Auth Invoke

    Base URL:

    Operation: POST

    User Name: dummy

    Password: dummy

    Request Body: {"userId":1,"title":"Support","body": "Information"}


This test will return the following:

Confirmation:   The test has run successfully with following string representational output: "{"id":101,"title":"Support","body":"Information","userId":1}".

This demonstrates that you have properly passed the parameters since they have been processed with success.

Example 2:

How to use CA IM Policy Xpress (PX) to call a REST web service and catch the response of the REST web service. 

This example uses the public REST API (below) and stores the return attribute in the Action tab.

As you can see from the JXplorer screenshot below the value is stored in attr03