CA View - Changing External Security from RACF to Top Secret


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The client was using RACF, for View external security, and now have installed using Top Secret. 
They want to know if there are any differences between the two security packages, to provide their Security group, to implement the change.


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CA View external security is set, in SARINIT, as follows:
 . SECID=xxxxxxxx . . xxxxxxxx is the first node of the set of security rules to be used.
 . SECURITY=EXTERNAL . . EXTERNAL indicates that external security is to be used.

As SECURITY=EXTERNAL would remain, there should only need be a change in SECID=xxxxxxxx, to point to the new set of security rules.

Note: If there is a change in SECID=xxxxxxxx, to enable the change, the end-users would need to log off and log back on again, with no task recycling required.

In the 14.0 CVDELOAD library, locate the SARSECUX module, and review its size.
The default size is 0048.
A size not 0048 would indicate a modified SARSECUX exit is in use.