378-14 followed by 0C4-11 abend in UTLGLCTL


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Fast Recover for DB2 for z/OS Log Analyzer for DB2 for z/OS Quick Copy for DB2 for z/OS


Fast Recover job abends with an S378 followed by an S0C4.

IEA705I ERROR DURING FREEMAIN SYS CODE = 378-14 jobname stepname 00
IEA705I 00FB3B80 00786DA0 00786DA0 00000300 00003000 3132B000     
IEA995I SYMPTOM DUMP OUTPUT  227                                  
SYSTEM COMPLETION CODE=378  REASON CODE=00000014                  
 TIME=17.35.10  SEQ=08780  CPU=4001  ASID=04C0                    
 PSW AT TIME OF ERROR  070C1000   81731158  ILC 2  INTC 0D        
   NO ACTIVE MODULE FOUND                                         

SYSTEM COMPLETION CODE=0C4  REASON CODE=00000011                 
 TIME=17.35.14  SEQ=08785  CPU=0000  ASID=04C0                   
 PSW AT TIME OF ERROR  078D2000   B1218684  ILC 6  INTC 11       
   ACTIVE LOAD MODULE           ADDRESS=31210000  OFFSET=00008684

Message PUT0500I is issued prior to the abend.

PUT0500I - Stogroup stogroupname Volume vvvvvv is OFFLINE added


The information provided by message PUT0500I, which occurred immediately before the abend, is a clue to the cause of the problem.

PUT0500I - Stogroup stogroupname Volume vvvvvv is OFFLINE added

This reports that the Storage Group used for this object contains DB2 managed volumes and most importantly includes an offline volume.


Component: PFR


Correcting the Storage Group problem either by only using online volumes or by using an SMS managed Storage Group resolves the problem.