MQMonitorAgent fails to run with correct user id as a WinService


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


We are trying to monitor remote MQ Manager v.8 via Standalone MQMonitor Agent installed on the CA APM host. We have set the proper configuration in MQ Manager side regarding the user, being granted access to the required MQ Manager queues etc as per the documentatuion. The agent runs successfully ONLY when executing the StartMQMonitor.bat via cmd as this defined user (ShiftRightClick on cmd -> RunAsDifferentUser->user credentials) and keeping this cmd console session alive.

When we try to run the agent as a service there are authorisation errors reported in MQ and no metrics are received

We have tried to:

1. Register the MQMonitor Agent as a Windows Service as per the link below: The service is created and registered succesfully, we also changed the WinService LogOn with the proper user's credentials,

2. Added the following properties in \Windows Service\jsw-3.2.3\conf\wrapper.conf


The Service starts with the defined user in LogOn tab but no metrics are fetched in APM. On the MQ Manager side, a user "System" is shown to be trying to authenticate.



Component: APMAGT


It is neccessary to pass the user property in as a java argument by adding it to the wrapper.conf file as follows