Impact of Java updates on NolioAgent Servers


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The NolioAgent uses Java. Will upgrading java on systems with NolioAgent impact the NolioAgent? 

We have other applications that use Java (i.e: Tomcat, JBoss, or other). Java needs to be upgraded on these systems for some of those other applications. But will upgrading java on these systems negatively impact the NolioAgent?


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Public JRE/Java: Versions of java that are installed in a location that is accessible to most/all users of the system.
Private JRE/Java: Versions of java that are installed to a location specific to the applications using them.  

It depends on which agent installation binary was used. Agent installers for several platforms (Windows, Linux, Solaris) install a private jre that is used by NolioAgent. This JRE is located under <AgentInstallDir>/jre. If you're upgrading a systems public jre/java then the chances of it impacting the jre used by NolioAgent is slim to none. The only scenario where we think it might impact NolioAgent is where there was some kind of customization performed after installing NolioAgent where the customization involved pointing to a public version of JRE. This is rare. 

Other platforms (AIX, zLinux, and HP) use agent installers that don't/can't include a private jre. They rely on a public jre being made available. The NolioAgent installer for these platforms will check to see if java is available. If so then it will try to use it. These platforms still create a <AgentInstallDir>/jre folder. But if you browse the jre folders contents you'll see that it has created symlinks to the version of java it detected during the install. Upgrading the public version of java still shouldn't impact the NolioAgent since upgrading java usually involves installing the most recent - not overwriting existing. If you are overwriting or removing the installation of java used by these NolioAgent's then you should proceed with caution. Test to make sure you understand what to expect. The following KB article may be helpful under these conditions:
Changing JRE version for Agents

In cases where you will be impacting the version of java used by the NolioAgent please consult the product documentation, for the specific version of RA that you're using, to confirm which versions of Java are required. This URL will take you to the system requirements page of the documentation where it lists the supported platforms and expected version of java. The page has a version menu in the upper right section of the page. Select your version for relevant details. 
System Requirements