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Non zero return code on SHUTDOWN with UCF/batch


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This article describes the reasons and solutions for a non-zero return code when initiating the CV shutdown process with a UCF/batch job.


When using a UCF/batch job to shut down a CV, a non-zero return code may be issued by the UCF/batch job step even though the CV has successfully shut down.
Note that the UCF/batch job step requires the very thing being shut down (the CV) in order to communicate.
Depending on timing, one of two things will normally happen (although the outcome may vary):

1. If the IMMEDIATE option is NOT being used on the DCMT SHUTDOWN command, typically the CV will have time to properly notify the task running the UCF/batch step.
This results in a 1469 error-status being returned to the task and a subsequent return code of 12 to the job step.

2. If the IMMEDIATE option is being used, the task will be cancelled immediately and this results in a D902 abend code in the job step and a return code of 4.


CA-IDMS, all supported releases.


The UCF/batch front end module (i.e., the program on the EXEC PGM= card for a UCF/batch job) is something which the user can configure.
This configuration includes a RETCD parameter which can be set to YES or NO.
NO results in the suppression of both of these non-zero return codes.
During the installation process, a default UCF/batch module called RHDCUCFB is created which defaults to RETCD=YES.
If you want to suppress these return codes, create your own version of a UCF/batch front end module and specify RETCD=NO.
Note that the UCF/batch job will still see the 1469 error-status or the D902 abend code, but the return code will be zero.

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