Application sessions missing from the TPX menu


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All the sessions disappeared when the user gets logged in TPXA.


Someone changed the users from dynamic to static and did not give access to their respective profile in TPX. 


Component: TPX


Either change the users back to dynamic or add the profile to maintain list of profiles for each user.
To add the profile to a user in TPX go to the TPX User Maintenance Panel for the user.
Select Option 5 Maintain List of Profiles.
Add the profile for the TPX User Maintenance Detail Table.
                 TPX User Maintenance Detail Table
                                                             Panelid  - TEN0159
  Command  ===>                                              Userid   - TPXADMIN
                                                             Termid   - A01NAB01
  Profiles added here take effect only if you set            Date     - 04/22/19
  the "Static User" field on panel TEN0125 to Y for          Time     - 14:06:45
  this user.
    Profile name(s) from which the user is built:

To add a profile to the list, do the following:
   1. Tab to an existing profile, or, if there are no profiles in the list,
      "Profile name(s)..." heading.
   2. Type I and press ENTER.
   3. Type the profile name in the space in the list and press ENTER.