End users cannot log on to OM Web Viewer - S0C4 hung DRAS


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End users cannot log on to OM Web Viewer. The Dispatch and OLVO tasks are up and running. We have recycled CCITCP and TOMCAT without a change. When trying to log on to OM Web Viewer end users are receiving the error: CA DRAS Server is not available for the security check function. Contact your System Administrator.


Component: WBVLUW


DRAS being hung caused the problem. Recycling the task resolved the immediate problem.

Additional Information

RCA revealed the hang occurred because a user was in the middle of a data request when Dispatch was stopped for a scheduled maintenance job. This is an uncommon occurrence as such a request normally takes less than 1 second. Recommendations to prevent a recurrence:
- Let the users know that you are automatically stopping Dispatch to prevent them having an active request at that time.
- Always bring down DRAS first (before Dispatch is stopped). DRAS can then be restarted at any point after Dispatch is brought down.