How to apply a test fix to Web Viewer 14/0 ( MTC Content Viewer)?


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Support has provided a product WAR file containing a test fix for me to test and test and verify. How do I apply this to, or use it to update Web Viewer 14.0? 


Release:  14.0
Component: WBVMTC, DVWEB

Web Viewer


In order to deploy a WAR file provided by Support, you will have to: 
1) Undeploy the current version of the Web Viewer 14.0.1 application from Tomcat. 
2) Stop the Tomcat instance STC. 
3) Deploy the provided WAR file. 
4) Start the Tomcat instance STC. 

Additional Information

Content Viewer 14.0 has been renamed to Web Viewer 14.0.

You do not have to (re)deploy the Tomcat application.