Event Manager Missing As Data Source


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Event Manager Missing As Data Source in CAPC.
Unable to view threshold events.
When trying to add the Event Manager as a Data Source, I receive an error saying

data source is already registered to another Performance Center instance.


If the Event Manager Data Source gets deleted from CAPC
(during a CAPC upgrade for instance) you will need to add it back into CAPC.
Performing a Data source test you might get "Data Source Test Successful"
However when you try to save the data Source you get the following error :
Adding Data Source Failed          
Data source is already registered to another Performance Center instance

This error is caused by CAPC containing information about the original instance of the EM data source and when you try to add it again, CAPC wants to create a new instance.


CAPC 3.5.x
CAPC 3.6.x


In order to have PC and EM back in sync, please do the following procedure
  1. From Admin UI, remove EM data source (if present).
  1. Remove all NPC related properties from em.general table in mysql:
            mysql em -unetqos -pnetqos
            DELETE from em.general where Attribute LIKE '%NPC.%';
  1. Restart EM: service caperfcenter_eventmanager restart
  1. Manually add the EM data source again.
 ** Please note that any configured notifications or stored events will be lost, and notifications will need to be recreated.