How to modify Forgot password one time password OTP e-mail


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How can we modify out one time password (OTP) e-mail body?


Identity Manager 


Identity Manager can handle temporary one time password e-mails 1 of 3 ways.

1. Management console\environments\advanced settings\E-mail. Review events. Click the dropdown and find the forgotten password event and make sure it is added. Is it here?  If event not added, and OTP is working on your system, you are not using this.  This Looks at tmpl file that matches the "forgottenpassword" string.

the tmps files are located on the server under /deployments/iam_im.ear/custom/emailtemplate/default/

If you are using this and modify the tmpl file to meet your needs you will need to clear the cache in your application server.  For Wild-fly\jboss this is done by deleting the \temp directory and restarting.  Review with your application server admin for other App servers.

2. The e-mail object. Go to IDM UI. Go to System\e-mail, "Generate OTP delivery". Click \Contents tab. This is where you change the e-mail. You will see the body of your e-mail to change as needed. Modify as needed. That's the only configuration for this. 

By default the subject line says "An one time password for your account was created". When your users get an OTP e-mail what is the subject line? This will tell us if you are using this is they match and not modified already. 

3.  A custom PX

Policies\Policy Express. Here is where your PX policy is created under \Action Rules where action type (function) is mail. Once you select function mail you will see where the e-mail is being created. You would edit it here if you have created a custom PX. 

Additional Information

OTP is generated by Identity Manager. The composition rules are non configurable (all done on the code level) and will result in a string (length of 8).