After FILECOPY the RDS bit is on for some output data sets


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In the CA 1 options member TMOOPTnn the RO option is set to NO. FILECOPY ran with OUTDISP=RETPD=nnnnn.
Looking at the multi-file tape created by FILECOPY some of the DSNBs have the RDS bit on and thus the RETPD from the OUTDISP
control statement could be overridden by a RDS rule.
With RO set to NO the RDS bit should be turned on only, if there was no EXPDT or RETPD specified when the tape is created.
Why is the RDS bit on for some DSNBs although a RETPD from the FILECOPY OUTDISP control statement was used during creation?


Component: CPYCAT


The RDS bit was turned on since the input data set had the RDS bit on and since SAVEINFO=YES was specified in the FILECOPY control statements.
With SAVEINFO=YES the RDS bit is propagated from the input data set to the output data set.