Dynamic alarms not raised by 2.24T1 clariion test build


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Configure dynamic alarms with thresholds below the current metric values in clariion probe template, verify the template is applied and the alarms activated, but no alarms appear in the Alarm View of the UMP USM portlet or in the alarm windows of Infrastructure Manager.


Static monitors had been previously defined for the metrics being monitored for the device.  The static monitors were taking precedence over the automatic monitors from the active template


UIM:  9.02
clariion:  2.24T1


Deleted all of the static monitors since all monitoring needed to be determined through the applied template.  The quickest way to delete all of the static monitors is as follows:

1.  From the clariion probe's Raw Configure GUI, expand the resources folder, then expand the storage device folder from the left-hand pane
2.  Select the monitors folder from the left-hand pane
3.  Select the Delete Section option from the right-hand pane
4.  Apply the changes and restart the probe

This will force the application of the template monitors to all discovered components for the resource and apply the monitoring for all discovered components from the template(s) applied instead of using the settings from the static monitor created for the component.