CA Web Viewer Reports do not Show Logical View


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The logical view shows up as expected when accessed from CA View Reports panel, but the logical view is not accessible from CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1.  Users see error message CAHANOK02 No Indexes found


The mode was set to EXPO in CA View, but there is no mode selected in Web Viewer, which means the users are not allowed to show/change the mode for that repository. 

The "CAHANOK02 No Indexes found..." error occurs every time any report is opened where no logical views are present.  The default mode is ALL and the security can be different for ALL versus EXPO modes. 


Component: VIEW


Update the user's CA View/SAR security profile.  Please see SAR, SARO, EXP, EXPO Mode Support in  the CA View Security Considerations Section of the CA View 14.0 online documentation.  Please note if you are running a different version of CA View, the information is the same in previous documentation. 

Check and update the "Display mode and DistID" in the Web Viewer Repository setting(s).
  1. Select the Administration Tab
  2. Select Repository Tab
  3. Click on Repository Name
  4. On the right hand side, select the Properties tab
  5. Under Report Filter, Check Display Mode & DistID [CA View only]
  6. Click Update in the upper right.
  7. Repeat for any other repositories needed


Additional Information

Please see Report Criteria (CA View) in the Search for Reports Section in our online documentation.