Database Space Saved by Deleting Report Index Information on Disk


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The client has a large View database and wants to know if deleting Report index information from the disk layer can help in reducing the runtime of a database copy. 



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The Sysout Selection List line command "DI" can be used to delete the space, on disk, used to store the page indexes and values of a report.
Program SARBCH function "/DELETE ID=... GEN=... SEQ=... INDEX", performs in batch the same as the "DI" line command.

When a report gets written straight to tape, although Direct-to-Tape archival is specified, the sysout is actually first written to disk, then the backup tape is mounted, and the index and data are written to tape.

If a report is written direct-to-tape by CA Deliver, the index never resides on disk.
In this instance, the only way to have the indexes loaded to disk would be to issue an "LI" line command.
Note: With the use of "LI" to load an index to disk, that index will not be removed until meeting ERO IRETPD,