How do I find all the published maintenance since Endevor 18.0.12 went GA


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I just installed Endevor 18.0.12 and need to download all the maintenance that has been published since?  What is the easiest way to do this? 


Release: 18.0
Component: ENDBAS


Step 1) Login to  Click on Mainframe Software Support

Step 2) Click on Download Management and enter Endevor in the Search box.

Step 3) At top switch from Product Download to Solution Download 

Step 4) Look for the entry - CA Endevor Software Change Manager MVS  and select version V18.0 

Step 5)  In the Search box enter ENDEVOR ; change Show per page to 100 ; in the Since date box enter  12/19/2018 ; hit Search

  The last PTF in the list will be:

POST 18.0.12 ROLL-UP PTF: APR 13 - DEC 18, 2018

Fix #SO05963 Release 18.0 for z/OS


Step 6)  Click the red  ADD ALL TO CART  button at the top.

Step 7)  Click on CART in the black banner at the very top

Step 8)  On the Cart Download page, scroll down and make sure you request a "Complete Package"  (It is in the middle of the page.)  Then click Checkout at the bottom of the page.

Step 9)  Download the zip file create



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