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CA FAQS - Automated Systems Operation


This is a new LPAR that I am working with. Trying to start FAQS I am getting issue with SYSLUB. Attaching the JCL I am using, one with labels in the JCL. The other is using standard labels. I get message 0P71 when using standard labels. I get 0p70I when label are included in the JCL.

Can you give some idea(s) as to what I have wrong.
 have FAQS 5.1 working in another LPAR and it start with standard labels. Leon


Component: FAQASO


Customer had a "typo" in their last extent statement. In the last extent, SYS056 was specified and it should have been SYS065. Also advised customer to check for volser specified in STDLABELS. Correcting the volser name, resolved the 0P71I SYSLUB NOT ASSIGNED error.