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The New UX role replace 'Allocate To' filter returns all resources that the user has access to. The expectation is that by default it only returns resources that have that role as their primary role, similar to how the resource finder works in the Classic UI. The 'Allocate To' filter should only returns all resources if the role is intentionally cleared from the filter.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Go to the Staffing module in the new UI 
2. Under the Requests portlet, select a project under the Architect (or any other role)
3. On the popup that comes up, the 'Allocate To' filter has the Architect role
4. Click on the 'Allocate To' filter to select a resource to replace the role

Expected Results: Only the the resources having a primary role of Architect are returned on the results. 
Actual Results: All resources that the user has access to are returned on the results. 


Caused by DE47764


Release: CODFSS99000-15.5-PPM SAAS FedRAMP-Sandbox-Small Environment


DE47764 is targeted to be fixed in our upcoming PPM 15.6.1 release. As of this release, the 'Allocate To' filter will return only resource having the role as their primary role. To get all available Roles and Resources to appear on the list, the role would need to be manually cleared out of the 'Allocate To' filter. To get a specific role or resource to appear on the list, it can be typed in the filter. When manually typing in the filter, this filters for resource/role name, primary role, and resource/role ID. 

Workaround for releases prior to 15.6.1: Manually retype in the role name to make it to where the filter will return only resources with that role as their primary role.