Interfaces tab unavailable in Spectrum OneClick for Juniper device model


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CA Spectrum


Interfaces tab unavailable in Spectrum OneClick for Juniper device model. The device is a Juniper  jnxProductEX2300port48P  with a sysObjectID of and models using teh GnSNMPDev model type.


The Juniper  jnxProductEX2300port48P  with a sysObjectID of is not a certified device for management in Spectrum. Spectrum is not able to determine the value needed to populate the Model_Class attribute 0x11ee8.


Component: SPCDIS


Self certify the Juniper  jnxProductEX2300port48P  with a sysObjectID of to use the JuniperJUNOSRtr and set the Model Class to Switch-Router.

To self certify: 

1. Log into OneClick as an ADMIN user 

2. Select Utilities -> Device Certification from the menu 

3. Find the entry for the sysObjectID and select 

4. Click the Edit icon 

5. Set the following: 
    a. Device Type Name: Auto 
    b. Model Type Name: JuniperJUNOSRtr 
    c. Model Class: Switch-Router 
    d. Click the OK button 

6. Click on the Save icon 

7. Destroy the existing model and remodel 

Additional Information

Please reference the "Self-Certification" section of the documentation for more information.