USS - How to Export current Configuration info? Export panel not accessible


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I want to export current information to be used with a new install but an export panel never gets triggered, on the current config using imbedded Apache Derby on OM Web Viewer v12.1

The internal or imbedded Apache Derby database does not lend itself to easy exporting. You are better off working around this by copying the DB from another system.


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Customer is using the Internal Apache Derby database. That being the case, he was able to simply copy a database file from one Tomcat Installation to the other. What is the difference between the Tomcat Version you are wanting to export the database information from and the one to be imported to?

Additional Information

If you can and want to just attempt this move, the file to be moved would be the folder …/database/AdminDB  You can do a copy command using “cp -R …/database/AdminDB /AdminDB” (no quotes).