Installing CCS 15.0 using CA MSM. Why is it looking for USS information


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Attempting to do an installation of Common Services (CCS) 15.0 with CA MSM (CA Mainframe Software Manager). It is asking for new information that isn't relevant.

USS Directory: CCS Java to z/OS Service
File Owner*:
Group Owner*:

The current CCS 14.1 install does not use any USS directories or file systems.

Is there any way to skip this portion or am I going to have to use a non MSM installation for this product?


Component: CCS390


The r15 packaging has changed considerably as documented in the Release Notes. As part of these changes, the CSS USS Based Services are now in the BASE package as the "CCS Java to z/OS Service". This is why the USS related information is being asked. The BASE package consists of the following:

CAS9F00 - Resource Initialization Manager
CAW1F00 - Event Notification Facility
CFF6F00 - CCS Java to z/OS Service
CCF9E00 - Cross Platform Common Component
CBYSE00 - CA-Global Subsystem for MVS
CCF3E00 - CA-GREXX Common Component

The position of the CA Common Services Product Team is to install ALL components packaged within the BASE paxfile, AND configure/customize only those components you require. We understand this will require the need to allocate additional libraries and install components not being used today, but in the event these other components are requested at a later time they will be installed and maintained.

While not our recommendation, the ability exists to choose "Custom Installation" during the CA MSM install process. This will provide the ability to select the components to be included or omitted.

Wondering what is provided with Java to z/OS? Review KB000127131

The following screen shots will show basic steps to proceed through the installation wizard and select a customized installation.

<Please see attached file for image>

Initial selection of BASE package install

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User-added image

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Select Custom Installation

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Select desired components 


Additional Information

CA Common Services for z/OS r15 - Release Notes


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