MCS profile import via CLI failing


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


Tsting exporting and importing of MCS profile via CLI.
Successfully exported a process MCS profile called from Windows machine to an XML file.
Deleted the profile from this robot, but when trying to import the profile from the XML from from the MCS CLI, it fails with the following error:

HTTP Status 500 - org.springframework.dao.TransientDataAccessResourceException: PreparedStatementCallback; SQL [select t.production, t.pkg_available, t.profilenamevariable, t.directives, t.parent, t.globalcontexts, t.icon, t.maxprofiles, t.version, t.deploymethod, t.probeversion, t.description, t.templateId, t.templateName, t.type, t.acl, t.remote, t.probe, t.mon_agent_template_name, t.mon_agent_resolution from ssrv2devicepackage dp join ssrv2packagetemplate pt on dp.package=pt.package join SSRV2Template t on pt.template=t.templateid join SSRV2Device d on dp.cs_id=d.cs_id  join CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM cs on cs.cs_id=dp.cs_id where (pt.nimbus_type is null or pt.nimbus_type<=cs.nimbus_type) and       (pt.os_type is null or pt.os_type=cs.os_type) and        d.device_id=? and        (t.parent is null or t.parent=0) and        (t.type=? or t.type is null) and        t.production=1 and       t.pkg_available=1 order by t.templateName]; The column name legacyTemplateName is not valid.
 nested exception is The column name legacyTemplateName is not valid.


Defect in both the MCS-CLI package and MCS-CLI profile-import utility which does not clearly state the limitations to importing profiles.


UIM Server:  9.02
mon_config_service: 9.02
mon_config_service_cli: 9.02
mon_config_service_ws: 9.02


The profile-import MCS-CLI utility has been corrected in the 9.02HF4 release of the mon_config_service package.  The latest version of this package which will contain this fix can be downloaded from the CA UIM Hotfix Index support site.