Rally - On-premises: Install SSL Certificate from LDAP Server


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CA Agile Central On Premise (Rally)


This article details how to get the SSL certificate from an LDAP server and install it on the appliance.


This article assumes that you have completed the installation wizard and restarted the services virtual machine at least one time as the commands to manage certificates will not be available until this has been performed.


Release: 2.0, 2.01


To obtain the SSL certificate currently in use on the LDAPS server port, execute the following command in a terminal.  The LDAPS certificate will be stored in your /mnt/certs directory as a file named ad.pem:

$ echo QUIT | openssl s_client -connect <IP Address>:636 2>/dev/null | awk '/-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----/,/-----END CERTIFICATE-----/' > /mnt/certs/ad.pem
To install the certificate, run the following command:
$ caac certs install
You may then refresh the on-prem services with the following command to activate the newly installed cert
$ restart_replicated

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