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issue in reading roles using XOG


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We are using the Read Role XOG to read all of the roles.  This is for an integration we are building to maintain roles in CA PPM.  When looking at a particular role in the UI I see the role name as '12345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890'

But when executing the read role XOG the XML that comes back does not have the full role name. This is causing us problems in our integration because every time it thinks the role name does not match the role name in the source system even though the application shows differently.

It appears the XOG read only brings back 32 characters but the field length allows for more characters.  Could you please explain why it is happening?


Component: ODXOG


The functionality as it relates to Role Name, since resources and roles share same object and for resources we have First and Last name as well as full name which combination of Last + First name. When full name is populated for a role it is also put into last name in the table called srm_resources (last name is not something you see in UI for roles). So what happens is when you putting a role with name greater then 32 characters in UI behind the seen it gets truncated to 32 characters and updating last name field and so when you XOG out that is why you getting only first 32 characters.

Workaround: You can write an NSQL that is giving you the results you desire for your integration where you can read the full name when pulling the role name in the NSQL query.