Unable to self certify a Fortinet FortiManager device


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Unable to self certify a Fortinet FortiManager,100g-02-bb-fm-aa device with sysObjectID

The device models as GnSNMPDev. Configured Device Certification to use the FortinetFortiManager model type and saved successfully. However, when I go back into the Device Certification tool, it is back to GnSNMPDev.


Spectrum 10.2.x and 10.3.x


This issue will be addressed in a future release of Spectrum. As a work-around, the attached FortinetFortiManager_update.xml file can be imported into the Spectrum catalog by doing the following:

1. Create a backup of the SpectroSERVER database in case there are errors in the import 

2. Log into the SpectroSERVER system as the user that owns the Spectrum installation

3. Shutdown the SpectroSERVER process

4. Copy the attached FortinetFortiManager_update.xml file to the $SPECROOT/SS directory

5. cd to the $SPECROOT/SS directory and enter the following command. (NOTE: This command MUST be executed from the $SPECROOT/SS directory)

../SS-Tools/dbtool import FortinetFortiManager_update.xml

6. If there are any errors with the import, restore the database from the backup created in step 1

7. If there are no errors, start the SpectroSERVER process as normal

8. Tomcat on the OneClick systems must be restarted after importing the file


Additional Information

Please reference the following link for more information on the dbtool command.



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