Account Plan Limit Exceeded error with unlimited "Rate Limit" set


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STARTER PACK-7 CA Rapid App Security CA API Gateway


We have the API Gateway 9.3 installed on a Linux appliance with a SaaS Api Portal.

In the last days, customers of ours encountered this error on an API Call.

"Account plan limit exceeded Reason: Not Set|l7eb57870c0fae4551a9d4c65075f73848|2288950d-8e59-40a4-a02c-cd7386bcbd0b|quota?failed"

The issue occurs everyday some time after 8:00 EST  The "Rate Limit" and "Quote" of our account is set to "Unlimited", so I don't understand how this can happen. 


Account plans is part of the fragment “Account Plans Fragment” in folder  “API Portal Integration”

Under this fragment each account plan define in portal is processed under: “At least one assertion must evaluate to true” -> from here each account plan gets processed on it’s own branch  “Assertions must evaluate to true”

APIKeys has its own account plan in this policy 
Sets apiAuthzDetails to ${apiAuthzDetails}|${apiKey}|${accountPlanMappingId}|quota?
Then sets quota as string to 100

Issue with 9.3 the next assertions is listed as ”unknown assertion” it should be “Apply Throughput Quota”

Result is after 100 requests failures occur 


Gateway on-prem 9.3
SaaS Portal 9.2.10


Fix will be in 9.3 CR or 9.4 - this should resolve the unknown assertion
line 40 on customer PM should be “Apply Throughout Quota

Workaround adjust line 39 to a higher value (100 default) Set Context Variable quota as String to: 100000