snmpcollector - missing metrics
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snmpcollector - missing metrics


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) Unified Infrastructure Management for Mainframe


The snmpcollector probe version 3.30 shows less metrics for Citrix Netscaler Devices than the snmpcollector probe 2.26



Why do we have less metrics in snmpcollector 3.30 for Citrix Netscaler devices than in the snmpcollector version 2.26


snmpcollector probe 3.30


This is expected behavior in snmpcollector 3.3.

In 3.3.0 we limit the metric families that are discovered by default.

If you intend to monitor these families simply turning on metrics in a template will enable those metric families and force a re-discovery. If you just want to see them with any discovery then can you can enable the metric families manually in the snmpcollector.cfg.

If you want to force a full discovery of all metric families (this is not recommended because it causes a great deal of bloat with components that will never be used) you can set the configuration key “DISCOVER_ALL_METRIC_FAMILIES” to value of “true” in the setup section. Then re-start the probe.