How to add a new managed field into a DYN connector.
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How to add a new managed field into a DYN connector.


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How to add a new managed field into a DYN connector ?


This is illustrated by a sample for the provided Dynamic "Salesforce" endpoint type.And Client wanted to add the "Service Cloud User" field.


1. Open the CA IAM Connector Xpress, expand your endpoint types on the right windows and point at the "Salesforce" one then

click on "Create Project" in the top menu. It should be completed successfully.


2. Expand the User Attributes tree. In the Map Attributes windows add the "Service Cloud User" mapped to the native "UserPermissionsSupportUser".

In the "Account Screens" for "General Info" tab, add the new "Service Cloud User" field from the last free drop down list into the "User Type" frame.

And Save the Salesforce.con project.


3. From the right top menu, click on "Deploy Metadata". It should be completed successfully.


4. From "IAM Suite\Identity Manager\tools\RoleDefinitionGenerator\bin" folder run the "RoleDefGenerator.bat" script for "Salesforce" endpoint type.

This generates the Salesforce.jar.


5. Put the new generated Salesforce.jar under "iam_im.ear\user_console.war\WEB-INF\lib\" folder after saving the original one.


6. Restart the IM web application server.


7. Extract the "META-INF\Salesforce-RoleDef.xml" from the new Salesforce.jar (unzip the jar) then

open the IM Management Console to import this Salesforce-RoleDef.xml.

And restart your IME.

See the resulting "Service Cloud User" field into the "User Type" frame from the "General Info" tab: