MWF clist execution error


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CA MICS Resource Management


As I install MICS 14.1, I am now preparing the clist to call MWF. As background, when the systems staff originally laid down the MICS files, the high level index was TTAT.TSP.PMICS.R141. However, later it was decided that the high level index should instead be CPM.M.CX.TST. As far as I have been able to determine there are no remaining references to TTAT.TSP.PMICS.R141.

My supervisor wants MWF to be accessed from a clist, rather than actually modifying an ISPF panel. So we will be accessing the MWF clist from ispf 6 (tso commands) panel. I have tried usng both the MWF sample1 and sample2 clists. I get the identical error. The message is that the clist is unable to allocate TTAT.TSP.PMICS.R141.ISPTLIB.

Of course it cannot allocate that one, as we changed the naming convention. 

So, my problem is where is it finding that old dsn, which it should not be using? 

Any suggestions on debugging this?


Release: 14.1
Component: MICS


Did a search of the modules in ISPTLIB, and found references to our prior high level prefix, the one that we had changed. That was in MWF$STAT. I do not know how that got generated as I had not run the clists previously.

Anyway, I deleted MWF$STAT. That allowed the clist to run, and evidently in the process of finally running it re-built MWF$STAT correctly.. Now all works.