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ERROR: index row size 2784 exceeds maximum 2712 for index "appmap_id_mappings_idx


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


Continuously see below errors on logs of APM postgres db.

[92527-cemdb-admin-2019-01-30 11:48:56.113 UTC]ERROR: index row size 2784 exceeds maximum 2712 for index "appmap_id_mappings_idx"
[92527-cemdb-admin-2019-01-30 11:48:56.113 UTC]HINT: Values larger than 1/3 of a buffer page cannot be indexed.
Consider a function index of an MD5 hash of the value, or use full text indexing.
[92527-cemdb-admin-2019-01-30 11:48:56.113 UTC]STATEMENT: INSERT INTO appmap_id_mappings (vertex_id, external_id, type) VALUES ($1, $2, $3)



Caused by the column limit on the PostgreSQL Table external_id 


CA APM 10.5.2


This issue has been fixed in 10.7 by limiting the external_id to max 2048

Upgrade to CA APM 10.7

Or Contact Braodcom Support to obtain a fix for CA APM 10.5.2