No Connection on CICS with TPX V5.4


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Unable to connect to all CICS on some production partitions with TPX.


Component: TPX


TPX is a victim not the cause.
Review TPX LOG for SENSECODE '0821'
This is symptomatic of a logmode error or not found.

Verify if dynamic logmode is initiated at TPX sign in.
By design, this is carried forward to any session initiation from TPX.

This maybe the likely cause of this condition, but there can be more than one reason.
Following recommendations can be attempted to clear this error.

-Suggest starting emulator session as a 3278 mod 2 (TERM Type) rather than a DYNAMIC.

-Verify autoinstall has matching LU2 'MODels' defined.

-Verify there is a mod 2 type defined for the 'TYPE'(GRP/UNQ/SHR) assigned, in the TPX ACB.

If problem persists even after the recommended changes, run another test with TRACE EVERY and send it for analysis.

Additional Information

For additional details on "Customize CICS Transaction Server" see the section "Use CICS Autoinstall  setup".