Client Automation - Offline Patch Manager - Import of patch is failing with error OP0112


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Patch Manager is in Offline Mode.

Import of patch is failing with error like this in DSM\logs\wac_log.log :
02/01 09:27:25.076[ImportPatchTask] ERROR ImportManager.fnLogEvent(196) - Invalid Patch File - 'officex86rollup.ini'. Failed to match the Checksum, file is invalid C:\Export\Exp\Patches\20190201192123\5de3dbef-6fd0-4bbe-8298-ca116f6c4362\officex86rollup.ini 
02/01 09:27:25.076[ImportPatchTask] ERROR UPMException.fnLogEvent(196) - File "{0}" at the location - "{1}" is an incorrect or invalid file. 
02/01 09:27:25.076[ImportPatchTask] ERROR ImportManager.fnLogEvent(196) - Error: OP0112 



This problem occurs when some checksums in file CIC_Offline_Export.xml are in uppercase.
As comparison with checksum value stored in database is case sensitive, an error about checksum occurs



CA ITCM 14.0 SP2


Open a Case at Technical Support and ask for fix T6FX007 for Client Automation 14.0 SP2


use this workaround

1- Edit file CIC_offline_Export.xml with wordpad or another text editor. 

2- Research all strings checksum= and make it lowercase if it is in uppercase. 

For example in file CIC_offline_Export.xml for this checksum :  
<offline_patch name="project2013-kb4461489-fullfile-x86-glb" 
uuid="1e431ae8-fdb5-42b2-9a80-4d11c252a14f" vendor="Microsoft Corporation"> 

Replace CC469850BE15834FB259C76F475B0C33 by cc469850be15834fb259c76f475b0c33 

Do the same for all checksums in uppercase.

3- Once file updated, do again the importation of patches of file CIC_offline_Export.xml