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Endevor Tomcat shared directory missing


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I've just run the Endevor Web Services install script after customize and applying all the latest PTFs.(post V18.0.12 maintenance) , and I found out that Tomcat/shared directory is missing, what's going on ? 


Release: ENIDM000200-18.0-Endevor-Software Change Manager-Integrations for Enterprise-Dev


For V18.0.12 - AKA the V18 GA release,  Endevor libraries can be found under $ENDEVOR_TOMCAT_INSTANCE/shared after the Web Services installation. 

For post V18 GA release (after you apply the latest post V18.0.12 maintenance PTFs) - The Endevor libraries are now packaged into EndevorService.war to make easier deployment. You will no longer find $ENDEVOR_TOMCAT_INSTANCE/shared  after web services installation.