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Viewing Vendor Certification assignment by Device or Component item


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


It can be helpful to determine supported Vendor Certifications per Device or Component. Comparing these outputs device to device across similar devices can reveal missing or incorrect certification support for devices.

Normally this is done through the Performance Management (PM) Performance Center (PC) web UI but it can be difficult to compare devices. Is there a way to obtain this information outside of the UI for easier analysis and comparison efforts?

Provides REST methods to obtain Vendor Certification support per Device or Component without having to use the UI.


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases.


The following Data Aggregator (DA) based REST calls will show how to extracted Vendor Certification support for Devices or Components.


For device items we use this REST URL:

  • <DA_Host>:<Port>/rest/tenant/<TENANTID>/devices/metricfamilysupporthistory/<DA_deviceItemID>

We can use the following URL to determine the necessary <TENANTID> to use. I see in that output for example the Default Tenant ID is 1. 

  • <DA_Host>:<Port>/rest/tenants 

I then obtained a a Device ID. I used the REST URL <DA_Host>:8581/rest/devices/manageable to find the ID. I placed it at the end of the URL: 

  • <DA_Host>:<Port>/rest/tenant/1/devices/metricfamilysupporthistory/<DA_deviceItemID>

Reviewing the information returned we see both supported Vendor Certification and Metric Families where no Vendor Certification support was found.

This is an example of a Metric Family where no Vendor Certification was found to support. This one is for the Metric Family NormalizedPoolConnectionPoolMemberPVAInfo. 

<MetricFamilyID> {}NormalizedPoolConnectionPoolMemberPVAInfo </MetricFamilyID> 
<LastDiscoveryTime>Thu Jan 31 9:22:02 2019 -0500</LastDiscoveryTime> 

This is an example of a Vendor Certification that was found as supported. It is for the Metric Family NormalizedPortInfo which resulted in support for the IfXTableMib Vendor Certification.

<VendorCertDisplayName>High Speed Interface</VendorCertDisplayName> 
<LastDiscoveryTime>Thu Jan 31 9:22:13 2019 -0500</LastDiscoveryTime> 



For Component items use this REST URL: 

  • <DA_Host>:<Port>/rest/devices/components/<DA_ComponentItemID> 

As an example I reviewed an Interface item. In the results we see the following. It shows that the interface supports the IfTableMib Vendor Certification. 


This page will also list supported Metric Families in these entries: