FMID CAKOG00 was not found in the software catalog.


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CA Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager)


When I try to apply maintenance to my via the SMP/E Tab, I receive the message:
FMID CAKOG00 was not found in the software catalog.


Product code may be in lowercase in the /.../mpm/scroot/DatabaseM/ProductFmid/ProductFmid.xml


Component: MSM


Circumvention is to select the OFFLINE mode option when applying the maintenance.

To resolve the problem you must make sure the product code in the ProductFmid.xml file is in uppercase. 
To determine check the  /.../mpm/scroot/DatabaseM/ProductFmid/ProductFmid.xml for the presence of a lowercase product codes.
You can do this in TSO ISPF 3.17 by entering the path name /.../mpm/scroot/DatabaseM/ProductFmid location
and type VA (view ASCII) next to the file ProductFmid.xml.

Once you have identified the lowercase product code in the ProductFmid.xml file, you can either edit the file yourself  by using ISPF 3.17.
- Go into ISPF 3.17
-  Specify the path name /.../mpm/scroot/DatabaseM/ProductFmid
Type EA (edit  ASCII) next to the file ProductFmid.xml
Change the product code to upper case
-   Recycle MSMTC