How to remove devices from a specific OS Type at USM


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


After a Discovery UIM retrieved more that 2000 workstations that are not required to be monitored.


Component: UIMDIS


 Please follow the next steps: 

  • Open Unified Service Manager at Unified Management Portal 
  • At left side tree select Inventory branch 
  • At right side on Inventory window at Quick Filter field fill the OS Name that you like to filter 
                         Example: Windows-7
                         Note: Then USM will display only devices that match with the filter 
  • Al list Action menu,  select Action-->Select All  
                         Double check that devices selected are the devices that you like to delete 
  • Al list Action menu,  select Action-->Delete Selected
  • At Delete Device window, check or un-check the options as per your requirements.
                         If you are not sure if you are going to rediscovery the devices on the future, we recommend to un-check the Prevent Rediscovery checkbox 
  • Press OK button