Support Automation Employee Chat does not work after ITSM 14.1 to 17.1 upgrade


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The Support Automation Employee Chat does not work after an ITSM 14.1 to 17.1 upgrade.
All other parts of ITSM 17.1 appear to work.

Steps to reproduce issue

* Use the CA Service Desk Manager web client login, for an Employee Role.

* Support Automation does opens up. 

* Choose in Support Automation "Live Chat Launch" a Tenant, Description, and data in key fields.

* This issue occurs at the next screen (Spanish system): 

- - - - 
https://<Support Automation load balancer server>:8443/SupportAutomation//jsp/assistanceSession/forceLogin.jsp?BOPSID=1007639069&queueID=&roleID=10005&routeID=422084&lID=130 

No se puede acceder a este sitio <Support Automation load balancer server> rechazó la conexión. 
Comprobar la conexión. 
Comprobar el proxy y el firewall. 
- - - - 

Which via Google Translate is: 

- - - - 
Unable to access this site.  <Support Automation load balancer server> rejected the connection. 
Check the connection. 
Check the proxy and the firewall. 
- - - - 

<Please see attached file for image>

Support Automation Live Chat Launch screen

<Please see attached file for image>

ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED message in Support Automation

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Troubleshooting revealed these symptoms were present.

* NO updates being written to the secondary server Service Desk\logs\*SA* logs since the upgrade.

* NO updates being written to the bopcfg CATALINA SA log directory. Eg \CATALINA_BASE_SA\localhost_access_log.2019-02-07.txt

* The command pdm_status showed Support Automation (SA) processes "Not Running".
In particular, the Support Automation Tomcat, Method Engine and Object Manager are Not Running.
CA SA Tomcat (pdm_tomcat_nxd)
Data Dictionary (ddictbuild)
IntrvLogger (pdm_intrvlog_nxd)
Message Catalog (msgcat_build)
RPC Server (rpc_srvr) 
SA Method Engine (spel_srvr:s. . .
SA Object Mgr (domsrvr:sa)
Version Ctl Cl (pdm_ver)
_pdm_tomcat_<Support Automation server>

The primary server stdlog had entries that it could not start the secondary server process. 
pdm_d_mgr 12476 SIGNIFICANT mgr_slump_if.c 1216 Connecting to remote agent host: <Support Automation server>

pdm_d_mgr 12476 SIGNIFICANT daemon_obj.c 3268 Waited 120 seconds for _proctor_<Support Automation server> to connect to slump. Continuing to wait. 

pdm_d_mgr 12476 SIGNIFICANT daemon_obj.c 3294 _proctor_<Support Automation server>: waiting more than 120 seconds for agent to confirm. Marking as stopped.

The Support Automation secondary server configure.log showed that the Support Automation Task completed at Step 7, but that Task 13 did not.
02/10 17:09:21.911 INFO 556 Executing task# 7, task name : Configure Support Automation 
02/10 17:09:21.911 INFO 214 Running: Configure Support Automation 
02/10 17:09:23.147 INFO 596 Configuration progress : 7 out of 13 tasks completed. 

02/10 17:09:51.205 INFO 291 ServerType detected as : Secondary 
02/10 17:09:51.205 INFO 184 Updating Secondary server configuration data into al_cdb_configurationparameters table 
02/10 17:09:51.208 INFO 159 NX_ROOT = D:\PROGRA~1\CA\SERVIC~1 
02/10 17:09:51.217 INFO 133 Created SLUMP on <Primary Server> at port 2100 
02/10 17:09:51.228 INFO 169 Created standard port 2100 for <Primary Server> with id 1549840191228 
02/10 17:09:52.238 ERROR 411 Connection refused: connect Connection refused: connect 
at Method) 

02/10 17:09:52.240 ERROR 547 Can't logon to slump - check server daemons: Connection refused: connect 
02/10 17:09:52.240 ERROR 413 Can't logon to slump! Failed to update secondary configuration data into al_cdb_configurationparameters table. 
02/10 17:09:52.240 INFO 543 Stopping tomcat 
02/10 17:09:54.314 INFO 596 Configuration progress : 13 out of 13 tasks completed.

* The NX.env had "@NX_SA_DOMSRVR=domsrvr:sa" populated. 
This file should either have one Support Automation variable populated (as here) or all three. 
See Options Manager, Support Automation, for the three variables.
@NX_SUPPORTAUTOMATION_URL=http://<Support Automation server>:8070/SupportAutomation

* This known issue was reviewed, and the solution found to be already implemented: 
Unable to launch the Support Automation end user console on a system that has the Support Automation agent installed 

* This pair of commands produced no log update at default levels on the Support Automation secondary server:
pdm_tomcat_nxd -t SA -c STOP 
pdm_tomcat_nxd -t SA -c START 



CA Service Desk Manager (ITSM) 17.1
Conventional Configuration - primary server and separate secondary server with Support Automation on it.


There were two issues: 

* Port 8087 was not open. 
Confirmed by telnet test between the SDM primar server and the Support Automation secondary server.
You may also run a netstat -a test to check the port status.

* There was an SSL issue. 
The exact resolution was not passed on, but perhaps this document provided an insight:

These factors were identified as important after the examination of the symptoms found "connection" issues, but little else wrong with Support Automation. 
For example, there were no ERROR messages written to logs indicating that the application was running but failing. 


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