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Database rollback SQL for DevTest upgrade


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As a part of the DevTest upgrade process the DBA will be running the DDLs required to upgrade the database. In case of any issues, we would need rollback DDL/DMLs to revert the changes.
Where can I find the rollback SQLs for Oracle?


Component: ITKOTF


As of now, we do not provide rollback scripts.
The recommendation is to have a backup of your database and the entire existing DevTest folder. This would take care of the following which are important files in your installation:
This would take care of the following which are important files in your installation: 
. Properties files (local, site, lisa and dradis)
. Virtual Services (if stored locally)
. Application Test tests (if stored locally)
. HotDeploy folder  
. vseDeploy folder
. lib
. any custom folders

A rollback script can be designed, however we have very limited support for this type of customization.

Additional Information

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