No data showing on Audit-De-Provisioning (empty report)
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No data showing on Audit-De-Provisioning (empty report)


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KD deals ONLY with the out of the box provided report "Audit-De-Provisioning" described in the product documentation:

Audit-De-Provisioning: Displays a list of users and their accounts that were de-provisioned.


How come my report is showing up with no data in it?

I have done the following to troubleshoot:

- I checked other Audit reports and can confirm they are working so there is no general problem with audit reporting.

- With Modify User task I disabled some users in order to de-provision them. I confirmed that the Task in VST (View Submitted Tasks) completed successfully.

- I double checked the user in provisioning manager and can confirm that the endpoint accounts got removed from it.




This KD is relevant to all current IM versions (12.5.X, 12.6.X & 14.0)


The "Audit-De-Provisioning" report is actually designed to only capture the "EnableDisableUserEvent" on state "Disable" which is executed by the task Enable/Disable User from the User Management task menu item.

Disabling a user from Modify User Task (un-checking the "Enabled" box) is not captured by this OOTB report.


Additional Information

Note: Using IM versions that can only support SAP Business Objects report server (Up to IM 12.6.7) you cannot modify anything on the report functionality or display. Starting from IM 12.6.8 you can configure IM with JasperSoft reporting server which gives you the option to view and modify this report functionality as well as all other OOTB reports.

For more information about how edit reports using JasperSoft studio please refer to JasperSoft community pages available on the internet or other official trainings available by TIBCO Software Inc